Re-imagining New York City's mental health emergency response

A new health-centered approach to mental health emergencies

B-HEARD - the Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division - is part of New York City's commitment to treat mental health crises as public health problems - not public safety issues. For the first time in New York City's history, teams of health professionals - including EMTs/paramedics and mental health professionals - are responding to 911 mental health calls, beginning with a pilot program in East Harlem and parts of north and central Harlem.

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Social workers interested in joining a B-HEARD team: view multiple available positions on our careers page. 

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As we continue to learn from the B-HEARD pilot program, we are expanding the pilot zone to include the 26 and 30 precincts. In November 2021, the B-HEARD teams will respond to 911 mental health calls from East Harlem to the Hudson River.


The City has made significant investments to strengthen mental health crisis prevention and response including and beyond the B-HEARD pilot. To learn more about the City’s investments in supporting New Yorkers living with serious mental illness, read Susan Herman's testimony before the City Council Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities, and Addictions in September 2021.


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