/ April 14, 2021

Clinicians in Older Adult Centers: Regaining control of her life

When Alma’s mother died last year, the grief hit her hard. Even before the loss, she was struggling with her own aging process, and experiencing symptoms of a major depressive disorder, which had so far gone undiagnosed. Alma knew she needed help. But she kept getting turned away from nearby clinics – either they had monthslong waiting lists, or they didn’t take her insurance at all.

Alma was a member of the Department for the Aging’s older adult center in her neighborhood. Through a partnership with ThriveNYC, an on-site behavioral health clinician was able to offer Alma individual psychotherapy and psychiatric care in her native Spanish. Like they do for most people, the sessions helped.

In just about three months, Alma felt like she had regained control of her life. She is adjusting better to aging, and spending more time with her children and friends – rebuilding relationships that had been strained during an isolating period of illness and mourning. Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, she was able to spend time enjoying the activities and company at her older adult center, too.