Right now, New York City provides more mental health services, in more places and in more ways, than ever before. And with more mental health support, we are starting to see changes in our city.


The number of mental health emergencies has fallen in the last two years

Mental health 911 calls* Data not available due to a mid-year change in data collection systems | Source: NYPD Mental Health 911 call data


There has been a significant, citywide effort to promote mental health over the last seven years, including and extending beyond the Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health. We're proud to be part of a city that promotes mental health for all.


Read our latest progress report for more on how our programs fill gaps in care and reach people who may otherwise go without support.

Meet the people who are reaching out for support and the people who are there to provide it

Our progress report showcases the reach and impact of our 30 innovative mental health programs - and introduces you to the people who bring these programs to life. Explore their stories below. 

Intensive Mobile Treatment Teams

Derrick Brown has lived experience of mental illness. As a peer on a mobile treatment team, he helps people with similar challenges.

Read Derrick's story about working on an Intensive Mobile Treatment team

NYC Well

NYC Well has helped hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers find the ongoing mental health support they need, including Zisa Azisa.

Read Zisa's story about connecting to support through NYC Well


Mental Health Service Corps

As a Mental Health Service Corp (MHSC) member, Karen Noyes has seen how counseling can be transformative not just for her patients, but for their entire families.

Read Karen's story about providing support to New York City families